Buy Dirt 8x12" Sign

$41.98 USD

Unearth a unique piece of decor for your life story with this beautiful 8x12" sign from Lily and Sparrow. Crafted from walnut stain and adorned with an unfinished back bearing the Lily and Sparrow logo, this timeless piece of art will help you sow unlimited possibility into your future. With its inspiring words, this sign will remind you to make your dreams come true. Don't miss out on this opportunity to find the soil you can't live without!

Printed on sign: "BUY DIRT -- Find the one you can't live without. Get a ring. Let your knee hit the ground. Do what you love but call it work and throw a little money in the plate at church. Send your prayers up and your roots down deep. Add a few limbs to your family tree and watch their pencil marks and the grass in the yard all grow up. Cause the truth about it is, it all goes by real quick. You can't buy happiness but you can buy dirt."

Lily and Sparrow
Frame: Walnut Stain
Back: Unfinished, Lilly and Sparrow Stamped Logo
Hanging Hardware not included; intended to be hung from frame

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